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About the instructor,  Jonathan Lind

Jonathan first began his practice of Tai Chi in 1988. After studying Shotokan Karate for several years in college, he followed a yearning for a softer, more gentle and internal approach to martial arts. After completing a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Delaware and before going into U.S. Naval Service, he learned the Yang Style Long Form from his teacher, Alan Tillotson near Jonathan's family home in Delaware. After 6 years in the Navy, working in Nuclear Reactor Operations and practicing his Tai Chi while on the aircraft carrier, George Washington (CVN-73), Jonathan remained in the Virginia Beach area where he was able to focus on his practice.  There he learned the Cheng Man-ch'ing style short form and practiced for ten years under the Benjamin Jeng Pang Lo (1927-2018) lineage at the Tidewater Tai Chi Center. Ben Lo was Professor Cheng-Man-Ching’s principle disciple in Taiwan and immigrated to New York City at the request of, and to help Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing introduce Tai Chi to the West. In the late 90's, Jonathan’s understanding of the art was deeply enriched during workshops by Master Lo on the East Coast when he would travel from his home in San Francisco. 


More about Jonathan Lind

Jonathan teaches high school physics and mathematics at a local high school and is an adjunct professor of Applied Engineering at Millersville University.  Jonathan obtained a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Delaware, entered the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Power Surface Program and supervised the operation and maintenance of the reactor systems on an aircraft carrier. After separating from the Navy and needing a change of pace, Jonathan became certified in Massage Therapy at the highly regarded Cayce-Reilly School in Virginia Beach. He spent several focused years concentrating on the healing arts, meditation and developing his Tai Chi practice at  the Tidewater Tai Chi Center in Virginia Beach. In 1996 Jonathan transitioned back to academia through Christopher Newport University, obtaining his teaching certificate in physics.  Before moving northward to Lancaster, he completed his National Board Certification in physics instruction. Throughout the last 32 years, Jonathan has returned to teaching Tai Chi several times.  

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